Support Independent Living (SIL) in Melbourne

Aid & Abet Disability Services is next to none when it comes to providing supported independent living in Melbourne. As one of the best registered service providers, we always emphasise on understanding the participants individually along with their needs. This helps us to come to terms with the customised support needed by the participants, which would allow them to live with self esteem, dignity and independence. Accordingly, we would assign the right support workers for the right participants accordingly, who would come up with NDIS SIL in Melbourne helping them to live with more independence and self-reliance.

What makes our NDIS SIL Service in Melbourne so Different?

At Aid & Abet Disability Services, our experts fabricate personalised SIL models for each participant, which perfectly aligns with their uniqure NDIS plan. This enables us to come up with supported independent living in Melbourne. Our SIL model includes supporting the participants with the following:

  • Living Area
  • Personal activities like showering, bathing, dressing
  • Assisting with daily life skills such as cleaning, mopping, cooking and laundry activities
  • Assisting in budget and household management
  • Assisting in various social and community participation

We Offer Dedicated Support Independent Living in Melbourne

People living with disabilities need daily living skills assistance, which make them feel more confident as well as self sufficient. This is where our intervention makes a difference. We would offer dedicated supported independent living in Melbourne, assisting the participants perform their daily chores autonomously.

Our support team, offering SIL NDIS in Melbourne would focus on helping with daily activities, for:

  • Keeping the living area spick and span
  • Budgeting and handling money
  • Traveling on public and private transport
  • Preparation of meal
  • Maintenance of personal hygiene
  • Basic numeracy skills

What makes SIL so Important in NDIS?

As an important chapter of NDIS, Supported Independent Living (SIL) funding would allow the experts to support the participants of the scheme to lead an independent life from the comfort of their home.

The main objective of supported independent living in Melbourne like anywhere else is to provide assistance as well as supervision for the daily tasks as well as their individual skill sets. Generally, the living options that are available are shared with multiple participants either living in a community accommodation or at an individual home.

What factors are considered to determine whether SIL is suitable for a participant?

To determine whether SIL is suitable for a particular participant, the following factors need to be considered.

  • Whether or not alternativer options of living are more suitable
  • What care and support the participant at present receives
  • What are their care and support needs?
  • If the available support matches the criteria necessary for NDIS SIL Melbourne funding

Besides, the objectives of the life of the participant within their home and the degree of support needed to live independently are also taken into account prior to providing SIL.

Thus you see, when you put stakes on Aid & Abet Disability Services, we offer you a holistic service, after a lot of fact finding – something that makes our support independent living in Melbourne one of the best of its kind.

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