NDIS Social and Community Participation in Melbourne

If you are a participant in Melbourne and encountering difficulties in taking part in the programs conducted by your local community, it’s time to get an assistant by your side. Without the professional, keeping in touch with the community can become arduous. So, connect with us at Aid & Abet Disability Services, your friendly support workers assisting with NDIS social and community participation in Melbourne. As a registered provider, we have been operating since 2018. And while supporting the participants, we make sure that they can enjoy a good time with their friends and loved ones. Besides, our skilled and experienced caregivers will help them in socialising with others in the community. So, as a participant, if you are searching for support workers who can help you get engaged in the community and assist with the day-to-day activities there, give us a call now. We will help you reach your goals, and help explore life to the fullest.

Since physical impairments can hinder several activities along with social life, our support workers will customise the community support program as per your requirements. They will assess the problems to help you better. This way, you can spend your life happily by staying connected to the community.

What Do We Include in the NDIS Community Participation in Melbourne?

At Aid & Abet Disability Services, we include support with various activities under NDIS community participation in Melbourne. They are

  • Organising important appointments
  • Visiting the local gymnasium and leisure centres
  • Helping with various recreational activities such as sports
  • Assistance with shopping
  • Helping participants engage with social groups in the community
  • Assistance with transport so that you can spend time with your near and dear ones in their places
  • Helping you to visit the local library
  • Helping develop daily life and living skills
  • Assistance with learning a new skill
  • Participating in various community-based activities
  • Organising a get-together with the people in the community
  • Socialising with friends and loved ones in the community

Our support workers will help you reach the community nearby. They will also supervise when you are performing the various activities in the community. However, as a participant, whenever you are outdoors or in a social gathering, our caregivers assisting with community participation in Melbourne will strive to meet your requirements. So, visiting the bathroom or having a meal or moving to places will not be a difficult task for you.

Why Choose Our NDIS Social and Community Participation Service in Melbourne?

Aid & Abet Disability Services is the best organisation to assist you with NDIS social and community participation in Melbourne because

  • We have the best support workers to help you accomplish the tasks assigned to you by the community
  • You can travel to local places such as the gym, library, etc. to spend your quality time
  • Our support workers will help you develop social skills with which you can stay in touch with your loved ones in the community
  • Our caregivers are friendly and will help meet your personal needs while you are in a place other than your home

To know more about our community participation service, give us a call now.

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